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“The best advertising is the one made by satisfied customers”

Philip Kotler

Testimonials from my clients

Photo Sandra Gamba
"Benito accompanied me to face different life crises, during which I always found active, empathetic, and warm listening. Benito is a coach who adapted his strategies to the needs of the moment, took care of having a comprehensive understanding, and constantly invited me to investigate other ways of seeing and experiencing my reality. Thanks to your support during your sessions, I overcame a major job loss, got the job I needed, and developed professional tools that enabled me to excel during my first year, making my career possible. promotion in the company!"

Sandra Gamba

Recruiting Specialist

Buenos Aires | Argentina

"Benito has offered me wonderful support in my job search, excellent advice and research methodologies.dry What I highlight most about Benito is his wonderful human quality when transferring his knowledge and the patience with which he does it.


He seems to me to be an excellent coach for the data science area, he is very aware of what this field requires, and he is very up to date with what we should do to stay in demand in the job market.


I highly recommend this excellent human being, you will not regret being able to work hand in hand with such a high-quality professional."

Leonel Morin

Data Scientist

Bogota | Colombia

Some companies I have worked with

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