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"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to be"

Carl Jung

About me

Hello, thank you for wanting to know me a little more. I tell you that I started my career in Human Resources, being a specialist in the soft area and working with multinational companies from different industries and in constant contact with professionals from all over the world. Since 2015 I have been working as a Coach and I have had the fortune of accompanying professionals of all ages and nationalities throughout Latin America.

I am Venezuelan and I have currently lived in Buenos Aires for +10 years. I am very curious by nature, which leads me to constantly study, learn, try new things and meet people. I believe that we all have special abilities and that we are integral, we are not a single thing and that by committing and making an effort we can achieve our goals, always having the focus on trying to enjoy the process and also letting life surprise us.

Photo Benito Bolivar


One of my passions is accompanying people to get from their current point to where they want. I don't believe in magic formulas because everyone has their own rhythm, time and ways. I like to share information and generate networks of contacts where we can join as professionals.

I invite you to visit my networks and read this complete section so that you know about my training, studies, visions and work.

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As a Coach, these are the International Institutions to which I belong and that support my experience and training.

ID: 0097676731

ID: 0097676731

ICF Member Badge

Affiliation: 003577

Category: Specialized Coach

AEAPro member badge
Harvard performance measurement badge

Performance Measurement

Harvard Negotiation Badge


Harvard Coaching Badge


Other professional badges that I have achieved in my training and professional development


My studies

Human resources management

Tertiary Degree / TSU

Graduated in 2009 from the Cecilio Acosta University College of Los Teques (Venezuela)



Currently underway at Tech University (Mexico) via distance learning

Literature and Creative Writing

Master's degree

Graduated in 2023 from the ELBS Leadership School (Spain)

Organizational Coaching

Graduated in 2014 from DPO Consulting (Argentina)

Endorsed by the ICF under the ACSTH standard

Advanced Coaching Seminar

Graduated in 2015 from DPO Consulting (Argentina)

Vocational Coaching

Axon Training

Endorsed by the ICF under the CCE standard

2023 | Argentina

Non Verbal Communication

American Training and Research Institute

Certificate-No: 15496-A

2023 | Argentina

RASTI Woow for Coaching


2022 | Argentina

Business IT instructor

International Intrapreneurship Institute

Instructor Accreditation: Xab4782-2022

2022 | Spain

Business IT Foundation

Computerworld University

Registration Number: 201221216-501

2022 | Spain

Social Intrapreneurship for Innovation in Health and Wellness

Ashoka Changemakers

2019 | Argentina


My Certifications


Workshops, conferences, courses and publications

II Social Leadership Training Workshop

Community Leadership School

Venezuela | 2007

V IIES FACES UCV Research Conference

Publication of the results of the degree work entitled "Corporate Social Responsibility in Venezuela"

Venezuela | 2009

Preparation of Administrative Manuals

Camopla Investments

Venezuela | 2009

Latin American Strategy Congress 2013

Latin SocietyAmerican Strategy

Buenos Aires | 2013

The differential of Ontological Coaching

Open Meeting of Coaches of the Argentine Association of Coaching Professionals

Buenos Aires | 2014

1st Latin American Congress of Ontological Coaching

Argentine Association of Coaching Professionals

Buenos Aires | 2015

Leadership: a master class with Daniel Goleman

Premium Administrators

Buenos Aires | 2023

How to improve the quality of your questions with NLP


Spain | 2023

Mine Yours project logo

I strongly believe in the transformative and healing power of the arts, they are an ideal expressive medium to be able to manifest many things and a sublime language that can help us know ourselves, make ourselves known and understand ourselves in depth.

Personally, I always use the arts to connect with myself and others, and as part of this path I created a personal label, under which I publish my most artistic works "Mine | Yours" in various media. Additionally, I am a writer published since 2013 with stories, poems, haikus, aphorisms and articles in various media and countries. I was part of the founding and coordinating team of the "Grupo Literario Ayacucho" in Argentina and I have a special love for photography with which I work as an amateur.

If you want to know a little more, I share some links so you can see my works:

Pinceles con pintura sobre ellos

My artistic work

Flor de loto

My job

One of the aspects that I consider vital, and that we tend to leave aside, or cultivate little, is the spiritual. For me it is nothing more than the connection with our purest being, respect for all living beings, the belief that there is something bigger than us (no matter what you call it) and living in harmony with the nature that surrounds us. .

Many of the holistic techniques can help us focus, reorganize ourselves, find greater calm and focus to live day to day and heal following a route different from the purely mental one. In this sense I am Wiccano Asatrú, I work with meditations, reiki, understanding and following the cycles of nature and Viking runes.

I am part of a beautiful Lineage of people who are of service with different holistic tools, and although I am all of this, I separate the holistic work from Professional Coaching because they are different tools with different objectives.

If you are interested in exploring an alternative path of traveling and facing life's challenges, do not hesitate to let me know so I can better explain what it is about and accompany you in that process where you are the one who makes the decisions to be calm and in connection with your being. .

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