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"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Maya Angelou

The services I offer

Important considerations

Before hiring some of my services, I feel it is important to establish the context from which I work and the support you have for your safety and peace of mind.

  • Coaching is very powerful and is a transformative process but it is not a substitute for psychological, psychiatric or medical treatments.

  • I am part of the ICF and the AEAPro so I adhere to and comply with international codes of ethics. You can turn to these institutions if you want to corroborate my credentials.

  • On the "About me" page you have all the information about my training and experience, but if you wish I can send you a digital copy of my certificates for your peace of mind.

  • I continue in constant training and adding tools to my professional work, so as I grow from this place I will update the services or the section about me.

  • Trust, honesty and respect are key in a Coaching work process, so do not be afraid to ask me anything you want or tell me about your doubts or concerns before hiring my services.

  • Because the first session is exploratory, to get to know each other, understand what topic you want to work on and make agreements, there is no cost.

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Executive Coaching

  • They can be individual or group sessions.

  • The focus is on professional and work life issues

  • Ideal for Directors, Managers, Coordinators, Entrepreneurs or professionals in general

  • They can be coordinated from the company or at the request of a person

Vocational Coaching

  • They can be individual or group sessions in workshop format.

  • The focus is to discover what our vocation is and design the first steps to take.

  • Ideal for anyone who wants to dedicate themselves to something else but knows exactly what, and for teenagers who need to decide what to study or what to dedicate themselves to in their life.

  • It is a multi-session process.

    • We rely on various tests to know our abilities

    • We investigate options and see their viability

    • We talk about tastes and doubts

    • We have a systematic and orderly decision-making process.

    • We design the first steps so that you can make living what you like and are passionate about a reality.


  • They are individual sessions

  • The focus is to get a new job

  • Ideal for anyone looking for a new job or looking for their first job.

  • It is a multi-session process where:

    • We review and adjust your CV and LinkedIn profile​

    • We see the best way to look for the job you want

    • We work on personal branding

    • We practice interviews and negotiations.

    • We put together a clear work plan adapted to your needs

    • We handle the challenges and frustration of the search process.

Talks and Workshops

  • They are in group format

  • They can be in person or virtual

  • They are 100% personalized to the reality and specific needs of each company or institution.

  • They are theoretical, practical and experiential workshops, where the focus is learning by doing / experimenting.

Coaching Staff

  • They are individual sessions

  • The focus is you

  • Ideal for anyone who wants to generate a change in their life, commit to their goals or simply take stock and design the next steps of their experience.

  • It is a multi-session process where limits do not exist.

Connection with being

  • They are individual sessions

  • The focus is spiritual

  • It can be a complement to personal coaching or a completely separate process

  • Ideal for anyone who wants to connect with their most spiritual side.

  • Not limited by particular religions or spiritual beliefs

  • In this space we work from

    • The Asatrú Wiccan tradition of connection with nature and its cycles​

    • Guided meditations

    • Introspection work connecting you with the energies in which you believe and have faith.

    • Usui Reiki

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