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The Revolution of Slowness: Discover the Art of Living Calmly and how to improve the pace of life

I share the video of the TED talk given by Carl Honoré on the subject:

If you prefer to see it on the TED page, this is the Link

In his talk, Carl Honoré, author of "The Revolution of Slowness", addresses the contemporary obsession with speed and how it negatively affects our lives. It highlights that the linear perception of time in Western culture leads us to accelerate every aspect of our lives.

However, Honoré points to a global shift towards slowness. Slow Movement International promotes the idea that slowing down at key moments can improve quality of life. This is reflected in movements such as Slow Food, which advocates enjoying food at a reasonable pace, and in the reduction of working hours in countries such as Norway and Sweden, which has been shown to increase productivity and happiness.< /p>

Honoré also mentions the importance of applying slowness in education and family life, challenging the increasing pressure on children and parents to fill their schedules with activities. Ultimately, its message is that we can live richer, more meaningful lives by embracing slowness in a world that constantly pushes us to speed up.

For me these are the 5 main ideas and some tips to know how to improve the rhythm of life:

1. The Obsession with Speed:

Tip: To counteract the obsession with speed, it is important to recognize the need to slow down. Take time each day to disconnect from digital distractions and focus on the present. Practicing meditation or simply taking a leisurely walk can help calm the mind and reduce stress.

2. The Negative Effects of Race Culture:

Tip: To avoid burnout and maintain meaningful relationships, set boundaries in your work and personal life. Make time for activities that energize you and allow you to connect with the people you care about. Practicing time management and saying "no" when necessary can help you find a healthy balance.

3. Slow Movement:

Tip: Explore Slow Movement by incorporating small changes into your daily life. Start by enjoying your meals consciously, savoring every bite and disconnecting from screens. Look for opportunities to connect with your community and nature, such as visiting local markets or walking through parks. Even at work, take short breaks to recharge and encourage creativity.

4. The Importance of Good Slowness:

Tip: Recognize that slowness does not imply inefficiency, but rather a deeper appreciation of life. Dedicate quality time to your activities and relationships. Instead of overwhelming yourself with tasks, focus on a few and do them deliberately. This will allow you to enjoy your achievements more and experience greater satisfaction.

5. The Success of Slowing Down:

Tip: Experience the benefits of slowing down in your life. Take time to read to your children or to yourself without rushing. Reduce work speed, prioritizing quality over quantity. See how a calmer mind and deeper relationships make you feel happier and more satisfied.

By following these tips, you can gradually incorporate the philosophy of Slow Movement into your life, striking a balance between speed and conscious appreciation of each moment. This will allow you to live a fuller, more satisfying life in a world that often moves too fast.

How do you feel about this issue of slowness in your life? Do you think you need to slow down in some aspects? Do you think it is a philosophy applicable in your environment?

I read you in the comments!

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